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Buffalo Range was built on the premise that when it comes to treats for your dog, healthier is just as important as tastier. We developed our products with your dog’s health and happiness in mind. From being honest and transparent on our packaging to selecting high quality, wholesome ingredients, we go to great lengths to bring you a new kind of rawhide that you can feel good about giving your dog.


Because you want what’s best for your dog. That’s why we developed our treats to last longer and be healthier than traditional beef rawhide chews. Our treats have even undergone taste tests to ensure they have a taste your dog will crave.


We strive for industry-leading quality.  When your dog eats a Buffalo Range treat, you can rest assured that it was made with strict quality standards from only the best and freshest, natural ingredients.

Where Quality Matters

Our quality promise is an integral part of Buffalo Range. We were tired of boring rawhides and artificial ingredients. We want to feel good about the treats we give our dogs. We go above and beyond to ensure Buffalo Range All Natural Treats are made with quality ingredients in food safe facilities.

We stand behind our products and the ingredients they are made with. If you have feedback, suggestions, or are not satisfied for any reason, please contact us.


Food irradiation is an FDA-approved technology that improves the safety of foods. Buffalo Range Jerky Rawhides are irradiated to ensure freshness, quality, and safety.


Our quality assurance team works hand in hand with our research and development team to ensure that Buffalo Range treats meet the highest standards in pet food safety.


Our treats are made from 100% grass-fed and pasture raised buffalo which are humanely raised in accordance with international animal welfare standards.

Where Exceeding Standards is a way of life!

Buffalo Range products meet or exceed applicable regulations and safety standards. Click on the logos to visit the regulatory agencies that establish and enforce food safety rules for pet treats.


Where Real Ingredients Matter

At Buffalo Range, we make treats that are as natural as your dog’s instinct to chew.


Our rawhide comes from 100% pasture-raised and grass-fed water buffalo.  Each treat is made using whole strips of rawhide and we don’t add ground rawhide fragments to artificially fill our treats.


Our whole cuts of real jerky are made from grass-fed buffalo and are high in protein.


We use plant-based vegetable glycerin to ensure that our jerky is moist.


We slowly baste each treat in a proprietary natural flavor for a taste that your dog craves.  Our Hickory Smoked flavor is all natural and 100% flavorful.

What Everyone is Talking About!

Pet owners are raving about new Buffalo Range All Natural Jerky Rawhides. Don’t just take it from us! Read their reviews and let us know what you think.


“I feel the product held up way better than the rawhides I normally get. It was of a higher quality so it lasted longer and did not make as big of a mess.” –Brett G.
“My dog loves them and they're reasonably priced AND they last longer than other chews I've tried.” –Jimmy C.
“My dog really loved them. Her gums didn't bleed like usual and she wasn't "pounding" water after she was finished which makes me believe they left her less dehydrated than other brands/types. I love their size, digestibility, smell and lack of residue so no carpet staining!” –Erin L.
“I really like that this product is so much healthier for my dogs than other rawhide products. I didn't know that there were so many chemicals and horrible ingredients in many of the other brands, but now that I do, I know what to look for.” –Marissa A.
“I loved how natural this product was. My dog also had no digestion/consumption problems. He seemed to LOVE the taste (i.e. stealing the bag off of the counter and consuming the rest while I was gone for 10 minutes!)” –Kim H.
“I love the quality of ingredients, especially no added dyes, and the range of size options to suit all dogs. It is made from buffalo which is great.” –Bailey G.
“These treats seemed to be made of better ingredients without even looking at ingredients. The fact that Buffalo Range went out of their way to be all natural is a plus because there isn't a bunch of junk in them and therefore better for my dog.” –Tyrone C.

Find All Natural Buffalo Rawhide chews at your nearest Walmart today!




Is Buffalo rawhide and jerky good for my dog compared to beef rawhides?

Yes! The Water Buffalo meat used in our treats has 14% more protein than beef and 89% less fat. Also, it is lower in cholesterol and calories compared to beef according to the USDA National Nutrient Database. Lastly, our all-natural rawhides are gentler on the stomach & fully digestible!

Where can I purchase Buffalo Range Treats?

You can purchase Buffalo Range treats at most Walmart locations as well as a growing list of grocery stores. Check out our store locator to find a store nearest you.

Feeding Instructions


What treat size is best for my dog?

Always choose a treat size that is slightly larger than your dog’s mouth. It is important that the chew be large enough to ensure that your dog cannot easily chew off and swallow a large piece or the whole chew. Always supervise your pet chewing on rawhide treats.

How many treats can I give my dog?

Buffalo Range jerky rawhides are intended to be a treat or reward and not as a meal replacement. Depending on the size of your dog and which treat your are feeding, we recommended to limit your dog's consumption to 1-2 treats per day.

Buffalo Range


How long do Buffalo Range treats stay fresh after opening?

Check the best by date on the back of the package The format looks like Best By: MM/DD/YYYY. This date is 24 months after the date of production. For optimal freshness, always reseal the zipper seal on the bag after opening.

My dog's gums bleed a little when chewing a rawhide. Is this OK?

Dog’s gums naturally bleed sometimes when chewing rawhides. A small amount of blood is considered okay and chewing rawhide regularly can help promote healthy teeth and gums. If you are unsure, please contact your veterinarian to discuss using rawhides as a part of your pet’s dental health routine.

Is the treat good for my dog's teeth?

Chewing on rawhide helps to promote dental and gum health through the mechanical chewing action.

Where are Buffalo Range chews made?

The buffalo jerky and buffalo rawhide are manufactured by food safety certified facilities in India and Cambodia. The buffalo jerky and buffalo rawhide come from 100% ethically sourced and responsibly raised water buffalo from India. These buffalo are 100% grass-fed and pasture-raised.

What are these treats made of?

Buffalo Range dog treats are made with only 4 ingredients: buffalo rawhide, buffalo meat (the real stuff!), vegetable glycerin and natural smoke flavor. That’s it! We slowly baste our treats and make each treat with your pet’s health in mind. We don’t add artificial ingredients or fillers to ensure that your pet gets the best all natural rawhide made with quality ingredients. Check out our Ingredients page to learn more about each of our quality ingredients.

Why is vegetable glycerin added to the treats?

Vegetable glycerin is a plant based ingredient that keeps the jerky meat moist.

Why are the treats different colors?

Since Buffalo Range treats are all natural, slight color variation is normal. Buffalo Range treats don’t contain artificial dyes or colors of any kind.

Is Buffalo Range made out of American Bison?

No, it is made out of 100% Water Buffalo from India which has an abundant Water Buffalo population (over 100 million Buffaloes). Water Buffalo has similar nutritional value to American bison and buffalo.

What practices do you use to ensure the quality of your treats?

We take quality and safety seriously here at Buffalo Range. Our manufacturing facilities follow strict food safety guidelines. In addition, Buffalo Range has a rigorous testing program for both ingredients and finished treats to ensure that our products are pet-friendly. Also, check out our Quality Promise to learn more about our best practices in quality.


Have more questions?

Please connect with us on the Contact Us tab by filling out a form or by email at BuffaloRange@rpgdirect.com

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